The chair

Established in 2015, The ENGIE Ineo – Groupe ADP – SAFRAN RPAS Chair is led by ENAC through its Foundation.

With an initial duration of 3 years it is the first European chair to address the problem of RPAS integration in airspace.

The Chair is incorporated within ENAC research Lab through its Foundation. It benefits from a rich technical and academic environment, dedicated exclusively to the areas of aeronautics and air transport.

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The RPAS Chair encompasses three areas: research, teaching and dissemination

Enac Rpas Chair Yannick Jestin

The Chair researchers’ activities, in cooperation with ENAC’s own researchers, enable the development of procedures and standards for the operation of RPAS subject of certification, with the aim of facilitating civilian use of RPAS in a national and international framework.
The Chair enhances communication and exchange of ideas between the partner companies and ENAC’s Ms students (RPAS major inaugurated in 2014), and specialized masters students.
Finally, the Chair facilitates the dissemination of its work results through publications to large audiences (students, company members, officials, etc.) and the organization of symposium and workshops, contributing to the rule-making efforts in the field of RPAS.

An innovative and renowned research program

Since 2005, the RPAS research program developed by ENAC, European civil aviation leading institute on avionics, ground systems, air traffic control, surveillance and navigation is arguably the only one to deal with RPAS related themes in such a global and integrated way. ENAC has developed an “open source” research platform, used today by more than sixty research labs and companies worldwide.
ENAC also collaborates with DGAC, the French civil aviation authority, for the development and implementation of operational procedures as first steps towards the integration of RPAS in civil controlled airspace.

Three philanthropic patrons convinced by this ambitious project

Building on its expertise in aeronautics, energy and defense, ENGIE Ineo wishes to develop its activities around RPAS in order to propose its clients innovative solutions in other sectors : oil and gas, crisis management, industrial asset management, environment, remote reading.

Thanks to its involvement in the chair, ENGIE Ineo staff will be trained and future regulatory evolutions monitored. This is in adherence with ENGIE’s acquisition of stakes in Redbird, a company specialized in the analysis of technical data collected by RPAS.

SAFRAN supports the development of higher education and research entities in France. Its objective is to help bring together academic and industrial research spheres, supporting dedicated structures. European leader on UAS sector, Safran Electronics & Defense develops and produces a wide range of new-generation tactical drones. Its flagship Patroller system has been selected by the French Ministry of Defense for the army’s Tactical Drone System program (SDT) early 2016.

Its support of ENAC’s RPAS research program is consistent with the company’s technological roadmap on RPAS Air Traffic Insertion.

Groupe ADP, as manager of sometimes complex infrastructures, is involved in various inspections of infrastructures or calibration of aeronautical equipment.

The use of drones in an airport environment makes it possible to recover and process high quality data targeted to a particular need. They also provide a source of economy and operational efficiency. .Groupe ADP has joined the ENGIE Ineo – Groupe ADP – SAFRAN RPAS Chair, in order to ensure a perfect coexistence with airport activities.

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