The ENGIE Ineo – Groupe ADP – SAFRAN RPAS Chair is led by ENAC through its Foundation. With an initial duration of 3 years it is the first chair to tackle the problem of RPAS integration in airspace.

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Chair publications


Inserting UAVs in non segregated airspace: review, ongoing projects and perspectives

| ENAC, RPAS Chair | No Comments

Inserting UAVs in non segregated airspace: review, ongoing projects and perspectives The French Civil Aviation University (ENAC) invite you to attend to a conference taking place during the International Paris…


JARUS helps draw the lines of BCAS

| RPAS Chair | No Comments

JARUS members shared their experience and needs with respect with Collision Avoidance Systems evaluation so the Chair could refine the scope of its BCAS benchmark project.


Laggy RPAS

| ENAC, RPAS Chair | No Comments

The integration of large drones flying under Instrument Fllight Rules in controlled airspaces is a complex task, yet a desirable objective. However, to benefit from the ATC, the Remote Pilote needs to communicate properly with the ATCOs. And that is where latency messes everything up.



Is there enough ADS-B for everyone ?

| RPAS World News | No Comments

The air traffic can be divided into cooperative and non-cooperative traffic. The cooperative traffic is equipped with avionics facilitating its detection. The non-cooperative traffic has no such equipment and detection…


How to upset an ATCO with a UAV

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A recent report, from the John A. Volpe National Transportation Center, prepared for the FAA, presents an analysis of 220 reports of the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) related to…


The SORA finally out for external consultation

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According to the JARUS operational categorization, drone operations fall into one of three categories: A, B and C (or  Open, Specific and Certified in EASA vocabulary). Flying in category A just…


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